Magnetic particle testing

What is magnetic particle testing?
Magnetic particle testing according to DIN EN ISO 9934

Magnetic particle testing (also known as flux test, MP test or MT test) is a method of non-destructive material testing. It is suitable for detecting mainly gap-like material separations (e.g. cracks) in the surface and in the area close to the surface.

Ferromagnetic materials can be tested. To use the magnetic particle method, the workpiece must be magnetised in the test section. An optimal defect indication is obtained when the magnetic field penetrates the material defect perpendicularly.

One possible method of magnetisation is yoke magnetisation. The magnetic flux enters the workpiece via a ferromagnetic yoke. The main field direction is the line connecting the two poles of the yoke. These can be designed as a clamping device. In this way, the entire workpiece is magnetised. Hand magnets can also be placed on the workpiece, which then magnetise the area between the poles. To detect cracks of any orientation, two or more types of magnetisation can be used simultaneously in a combined process.

Detection media

Coloured or fluorescent magnetic powders are available as detection media. Fluorescent magnetic powders have the highest sensitivity. A distinction must also be made between wet testing (carrier medium: water or oil) and dry testing. The ability to detect defects is greatest in wet testing.

Dry testing

The test area is dusted with a magnetic powder or the test piece is immersed in a container in which the particles are held in suspension by air turbulence (vortex pot method). Dry testing is recommended where wetting of the surface must be avoided or when testing hot parts.

Wet testing

The magnetic powder which is flushed onto the test section is suspended in a carrier liquid. Smaller grain sizes than in the dry test can be used and thus finer cracks can be detected.

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