Delta V Advanced

Detecting real time RF listening devices

The Delta V Advanced is a compact handheld differential RF wide band detector.  Measuring the rate of change in field strength enables accurate pinpointing of local RF sources, quickly and efficiently.

Designed to protect against real time streaming from surveillance bugs, by detecting and locating their signal, then using audio and visual alerts to guide you to the target.  Highly effective when searching rooms, venues, people and objects, Delta V is an essential part of any specialist search tool box.

  • LED display to indicate signal strength and location.
  • Easy to operate for non-technical users.
  • 150MHz to 15GHz detection range.
  • Push-button sensitivity reduction to allow more accurate pinpointing of active transmitters
  • Geiger output, from either headphones or speaker to indicate signal strength and location
  • Burst detection LED to indicate digital signals e.g. DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM
  • Can be used for searches of walls, ceilings, furniture, soft furnishings such as curtains and clothes.
  • Searching people for any concealed transmitting devices.
  • Ideal for locating radio bugs, basic RFI/EMC testing and localising illegal high-power broadcast transmitters.
Frequency:150MHz to 15GHz
Sensitivity:Average -44dBm
Dynamic Range:Greater than 46dB
Detection Method:Differential Electromagnetic Field Measurement discriminating in favour of local transmitters
Consumption:Quiescent 12mA* All LEDs On 26mA
Power source:PP3 Battery 24 hours continuous operation
Audio:Geiger type ‘click’from internal speak or headphone
Visual:LED display to indicate signal strength and location
Size:122mm x 62mm x 22mm (H x W x D)
Weight:200 gr