Please follow the instructions below to join our session.

If you have not received a 9-digit (XXX-XXX-XXX) code yet (meeting ID) by email, please contact our secretariat (+41 44 910 70 10). Then follow the steps below, preferably with Google Chrome, using the image gallery.

  1. Please use the following link:
  2. Enter the code without dashes in the space provided.
  3. In order to see the transfer of our camera, you have to click on “Desktop application”.
    Nothing will be downloaded but it will help the program to find the meeting.
  4. For this reason you will need to click on “Open link” to see our transmission.
  5. Ad-hoc Meeting: You have to decide which audio source you want to use.
  6. If you have a headset, connect your headset to the computer or plug in your headphones and click on “Select computer audio function”. Otherwise call our secretariat.
  7. Then confirm with “OK”.