Temperature measuring devices

We offer a wide range of products, with different models that can be used for different situations.
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The SN-M2207NT-B is a fever terminal with optional adjustable mask detection. It checks employees, customers or visitors for their temperature and is available on three different stands. The device is ideal for retirement homes, medical practices, office buildings and various other facilities.

sn-t5 f


The SN-T5/F fever screening system consists of a thermal camera as well as a visual camera with fixed lens and offers a complete automatic solution. The user can choose the view - thermal image, visual image or combined view. Thanks to the "Black Body" integrated in the system, the system can be used even in places with difficult thermographic conditions.


IRIS models

IRIS fever cameras are designed and built exclusively for medical/clinical applications including mass fever screening. Meditherm has more than 20 years of experience in this specialized industry. Meditherm's advantage is its experience in physiological testing and the depth of research that has gone into the development of these thermal imaging cameras. The systems are easy to use and have an automatically calibrating threshold alarm.



The T120H Thermal Imaging Camera for Fever Screening is a rapid temperature measurement tool that allows the human surface temperature to be determined from a safe distance with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. It is an inexpensive and practical thermal camera which allows manual control, especially in low traffic areas.



The IR fever camera C400M can help to detect people with elevated temperature quickly and safely, e.g. at airports, train stations, factories, schools and other public places. The C400M integrates various technologies such as infrared thermography, HD visual camera, high-end image processing, intelligent warning, on-screen display and a wireless remote control to make temperature control easier, more efficient and more accurate.

Airports/train stations



Administration buildings