Letter scanner for detection of letter bombs and IEDs in small packages.

With the EMIS-MAIL letter scanner you can detect letters and small parcels up to 45cm wide as well as 7.5cm thick for detonators, batteries and trigger circuits as well as metallic objects. Common office materials such as metal staples, paper clips or bundle spirals, however, do not trigger an alarm. The exact position of the target object is visualized on a high-resolution display for easier handling.


• Automatic inspection of parcels and letters up to 45 cm in width and 7.5 cm thickness
• Detection of detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metallic components of letter bombs
• No alarm on metal staples, paper-clips and metal binding spirals
• Ergonomic, compact design
• Confirmation of signal (OK/ALARM) for each package inspected
• Operates on mains power supply and with NiMH rechargeable batteries (opt.)
• No calibration or periodic maintenance required
• Integrated battery charger
• Optional embedded radioactive material detector