UPG-07 Color Wave Series

Our UPG-07 colour wave series is the ideal device to non-destructively test the wall thickness of manufactured parts requiring unprecedented accuracy and resolution. The UPG-07 Color Series uses single element converters and offers 30 MHz, square pulse, .0001″ or 1 micron resolution with the ability to store and recall 30 unique applications. So if you are measuring light bulbs, plastic bottles, golf clubs, coil steel, thin aluminum, aircraft parts and even pure gold bars, the UPG-07 Color Wave Series is the right choice.

The Danatronics UPG-07 Color Series is available in 4 models, from our UPG-07C to the fully loaded UPG-07DLCW, which includes B-Scan, a 100k read data logger and a live waveform (A-Scan).

Hand-held digital ultrasonic thickness gauge with colour display, for thickness only. Included: Plastic carrying case, 2 Oz. Couplant bottle (C-02G), 2 AA batteries, manual and one converter 10 MHz or less (please specify), Lemo microdot cable 6′ (LM-06)

Hand-held digital ultrasonic thickness gauge with colour display with live waveform including: plastic carrying case, 2 Oz. Bottle coupler (C-02G), 2 AA batteries, user manual and one converter 10 Mhz. or less (please specify), Lemo microdot cable 6′ (LM-06), gain, blanking setting. Note: This model does not include a data logger.

Contains all functions of the UPG-07C as well as 100,000 thickness measurements via the internal data logger, B-scan, protective cover (PP-09), USB cable and Data XL interface program for exporting stored measured values to p.c. (Excel).

Includes all functions of the UPG-07CW plus 100,000 readout data loggers with export to Excel, non-coded B-scan, a live waveform for setting gain, range, fade-out and rectification. This model (waveform) is highly recommended when used for difficult applications.

UPG-07 Color Wave series with 0.0001 ” ( 0.001 MM) decimal resolution and Live Color A-Scan.

Can your ultrasonic wall thickness gauge do the following?

  • 100K thickness data logger with export to Excel
  • 8 0z.
  • Works with 2 AA batteries
  • Measures every material technology
  • Storage and recall option, for the use of multiple materials
  • All software options are extensible.
  • Vibration and color change on alarm
  • Keypad illumination in alarm condition
  • Informs when the probe needs to be replaced
  • Simple user interface

Features of the UPG-07 Series

  • Available in 9 models including basic data recording settings, with and without waveform in color or monochrome.
  • Up to 100 hours battery life with 2 “AA” batteries (monochrome display)
  • Sunlight readable
  • .0001 “or 0.001 mm Resolution
  • Small, lightweight, ergonomically shaped with rubber keypad

Options for the UPG-07 series with colour display



UP-07 CW


Thickness measuring range:.004-20”.004-20”.004-20”
Scan Mode:20 Hz.20 Hz.20 Hz.
Hold Mode:yesyesyes
Freeze Mode:yesyesyes
Illuminating keypad:yesyesyes
Differential Mode:yesyesyes
Alarms (with vibration):                  yes                                yes                     yes                          
Carrying Pouch:optionalyesyes
Main blanking:noyesyes
Interface blanking:noyesyes
Saved settings:yesyesyes

The following accessories are available for the UPG-07 ink series:

5-step test block
We offer a 5-stage test block made of carbon steel with nickel-plated surface, engraved both in English and in metric language, from .100′, .200″, .300″,.400″,.500″ or 2.54mm, 5.05mm, 7.5mm, 10.0mm, 12.7mm (no certification is supplied with these blocks, but can be supplied on special order at an extra charge).

Protective bag
We offer a customized protective cover with the part number PP-09 for the UPG-07 colour series.

UPG-07 Transport case
The transport case UPG-07 is shown with frequent inclusions. (Replacement batteries and 5-stage test block are available separately).

Two and single cables in 6 feet or other lengths available on request.

Foot switch
This hardware option allows the operator to store, freeze or send readings using a footswitch.

AC Power
With this hardware upgrade the UPG-07 can be operated with alternating current (please note that this is not a charging system). In other words, with this option the UPG-07 can be operated either AC or battery powered.

We offer a variety of ultrasonic couplings, from a standard gel in 2 Oz. or 12 Oz. Options, up to high temperatures up to 1100 degrees F. Contact us for more details.