620 XR hp

Aviation checkpoint screening system with industry best penetration, wire resolution and spatial resolution.

  • Explosives and Narcotics Detection
  • SINERGY™ Low Density Image Enhancement
  • Matrixing, Networking and Remote Viewing

The 620XR hp is a high performance 620 mm by 420 mm tunnel aviation checkpoint screening system with best in class image quality and excellent threat detection alert capabilities.

SINERGY™, Rapiscan’s latest proprietary image enhancement tool, utilizes the new innovative dual-mode X-ray imaging technique (DMxT) to emphasize the detail in specific regions of images by enhancing the visibility of thin metal therefore increasing operator recognition of potential threats in cluttered images.
The 620XR hp complies with all European Commission Aviation Security Screening requirements and French Civil Aviation Authority (STAC).

Detection of Explosives and Narcotics Alert
Target™ and NARCScan™ are designed to assist operators in the detection of a range of explosives and narcotics respectively in real time during the scanning process by marking a potential threat on the X-ray image. The detection algorithms are based on regulatory material analysis techniques.

Government Regulatory Compliance
The 620XR hp performance is in full compliance with the mandatory regulations (EC) No. 300/2008, (EU) No. 185/2010 and Commissions Decision C(2010)774 for aviation security in the European Union.

Industry-Leading Operator Training
Rapiscan Systems Operator Training Program (OTP) is in full compliance with major government regulatory requirements.

Ease of Use Providing Highest Throughput
With over 14 image processing tools and detection alert algorithms functions, the feature- rich software allows the operator to more easily and accurately search for contraband.