HSR Human Security Radar

Human Security Radar® (HSR®) is a fully automatic, real-time threat detection and mass people screening solution that introduces and extends secure perimeters without disrupting the people flow:

  • Extremely high throughput of up to 10,000 people per hour
  • Capable of screening multiple targets at once
  • Exceptional detection accuracy and unmatched false alarm rates
  • Detection of IEDs, including those without metal components
  • Detection of automatic firearms

For the first time ever, HSR® offers a genuine solution for simultaneously screening multiple targets in real-time for explosive devices and firearms hidden under clothes and in backpacks. HSR® addresses one of the most pressing capability gaps by effectively extending the security perimeter of vulnerable crowded places and protecting them from the threat of terrorism.

HSR® is fully automatic and operates in real time. By analysing the data returned from the inspection zone, the system is able to locate and track threat items. Alerts are presented to the responder in the form of an image of the suspect, indicating identity and where on the body the threat item is being carried.

HSR® can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Ideally suited to be installed at the entrances and approaches to crowded places, it can be deployed overtly to deliver a reassuring message to legitimate users and a strong deterrence effect to potential attackers or covertly to inform a more discrete response.

HSR® is ideally suited to protecting places such as mass transit and major transport hubs, landside of airports, places of worship, shopping centres, major events and entertainment venues. The technology offers an effective, functional and streamlined option to secure crowded places where conventional security measures are either not present or impractical.

Backed by years of extensive trials, and rigorous research and development by leading experts at the forefront of radiophysics, electronics, software engineering, security operations and counter- terrorism, Apstec has delivered a truly innovative capability in HSR®. Since its inception, HSR® has undergone numerous successful trials with leading national police forces, government agencies and counter terrorist organisations. In doing so, it has demonstrated the technology’s exceptionally high accuracy rate, low false alert rate and unparalleled throughput. HSR® holds patents allowed and pending in 59 countries world-wide.

To cap it all, HSR®’s ability to detect threats and alert responders automatically precludes the need for operators or human decision makers and offers a uniquely cost-effective solution. With no moving parts, HSR® is reliable, requires little maintenance and reduces whole life costs.