Sweeping & Monitoring Service

Illegal procurement of information and related countermeasures have been a major issue for a long time.

We, the Max C. Meister AG and APTUS Systems GmbH, have therefore decided to pool our knowledge, experience and equipment and to support and protect our customers with the appropriate services.

Enterprises, organisations and private individuals have always been spied on for a wide variety of reasons. Technical innovations and corresponding availability make it easier to obtain information illegally. With a so-called sweeping, premises as well as vehicles can be checked for illegally installed technical installations (e.g. bugging devices, video recording devices, etc.).

We have a well-rehearsed and experienced team, the appropriate technical equipment and are therefore able to check your sensitive premises, if necessary vehicles, anytime and anywhere.

In short, a sweeping carried out by us includes the following measures:

  • Systematic physical search of the premises concerned
  • Checking the existing installations
  • Videoscopic inspection of cavities
  • Search for electronic components using semiconductor detectors (NLJD)
  • Screening of small objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards etc.) by mobile X-ray cabins
  • X-ray inspection of large objects (e.g. furniture, paintings, art objects etc.)
  • High frequency analysis of the entire frequency range with spectrum analyzers
  • Locating high frequency signal transmitters
  • Sealing of technical devices (e.g. telephones etc.)
  • Reporting with recommendations, if any

Telephone without transmitter

Telephone with transmitter

The “sweeping” dealt with in the first register offers a snapshot. We therefore recommend that after a sweeping has been carried out, it should be ensured that no illegal technical installations can be installed unnoticed by unauthorised persons in the future.

Therefore we offer monitoring. Monitoring devices are installed in the premises concerned, which continuously monitor the corresponding rooms 24/7. The measurements of the devices can be queried on site or via remote access. With the installation described above, you are able to query the ongoing analyses and make a corresponding assessment. In case of suspicion an immediate clarification can be ordered.

We recommend monitoring for continuous surveillance of sensitive premises after sweeping or for monitoring meetings/conferences/sessions held in confidence, regardless of where they are held.

We advise you in the extensive field of countermeasures in connection with illegally installed monitoring devices. Our experienced specialists respond to your individual needs and are aware of the corresponding sensitivity/responsibility.

The corresponding services can be summarised as follows:

  • Recording of the initial situation or the corresponding needs (protection against eavesdropping, eavesdropping protection, concealed video installations, other risks)
  • Weak-point or risk analysis
  • Making recommendations regarding possible countermeasures (conceptual, organisational, technical, etc.)
  • Accompaniment during the implementation of the agreed measures or installations
  • Regular review of the implemented measures or installations, if necessary recommendations for adjustments
  • Education, training and coaching of personnel
  • Performing penetration tests

The technical equipment should always be state-of-the-art. The acquisition of this equipment is expensive and its handling requires knowledge and experience. If required, we can rent you our equipment. If desired, we will train you in the use of the appropriate equipment.

The following equipment is available for rent:

  • HF-Detectors
  • Semiconductor detectors (NLJD)
  • Spectrum analysers
  • X-ray machines
  • Endoscopes / special cameras
  • Shielded safety bags