Semiconductor detector

Semiconductor detector for detecting electronic components (even when switched off). A versatile device that incorporates the best elements of 35 years of NLJD product development experience.

The new SB series is our latest technological advancement in the field of non-linear junction detectors (NLJD).

A versatile device that incorporates the best elements of 35 years of NLJD product development experience. The SB is available with 2W, 4W and 10W output power. An EOD variant is also available, which is equipped with a metal detector for increased target detection and discrimination.

  • Detection of electronic devices when they are active, inactive or switched off
  • Integrated metal detector, available as an option
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Audio and / or visual warning of hazards
  • Expandable seeker reaches up to 1 meter
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Long running time with optional additional battery
  • Proven output frequency for maximizing threat detection
  • Used for detecting hidden electronic devices in buildings, offices, homes, cars and many other environments
  • Can be used to scour floors, walls, ceilings and other hiding places such as furniture, upholstered furniture, curtains and clothing
  • Use the SB before sessions to check for illegal stations / recorders
  • Used to find contraband in prisons and detention centers
  • Customers include: police, prisons, armed forces, business organizations, private investigators and security companies
Frequency:867 MHz bis 872 MHz
Resolution:250 kHz


SB-2:     2W  (33dBm)

SB-4:     4W  (36dBm)

SB-10:   10W (40dBm)

SB-EOD: 10W (40dBm)

Antenna:Circular polarized patch 4dBi


1734 MHz bis 1744 MHz, 2nd harmonic

2601 MHz bis 2616 MHz, 3rd harmonic

Sensitivity: -130dBm (both harmonics)
Antenna:Circular polarized patch 3dBi
Metall detector (Standard on SB-EOD) 
Type:CW, induction balance

Target recognition:

All metals including aluminum foil
Display:2.4″ Farb LCD, Bar charts
Audio:Integrated speakers, headphone jack, Geiger click


Removeable Li-Ion Batteries

2W version with more than 12 hours commitment

4W version with more than 8 hours commitment

10W version with more than 5 hours commitment

Size, (LxB):200 x 230 mm
Size (NLJD) Head, (LxB):220 x 170 mm
Size (NLJD & MD), (LxB):280 x 160 mm
Total size: 3.5kg