The QS-H150 handheld explosives trace detector uses a patented vortex collector for the simultaneous detection of explosive particles and vapors with or without body contact and in real time. The Advanced Quantum Sniffer can detect explosive vapors and explosive particles in nanogram quantities per billion (ppb) levels.

Key Features:

  • Photonic (non-radioactive) ionization
  • Patented non-contact vortex collector sample acquisition
  • inCal automatic internal calibration system
  • No calibration or verification traps
  • Simultaneous vapor and particulate detection
  • Threat and taggant identification

Technical data:

Length:493 mm
Width:127 mm
Height:188 mm
Weight:5.1 Kg
Power Supply:100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Alarm:  Optical and acoustic, Substance identification by name
Warm-up Time:less than 15 minutes (typical)
Sampling rate: User-selectable, 5-30 seconds (10 seconds default)